The Benefits of Xylitol

Has nature provided us with a solution to replace sugar or various artificial sweeteners? Can nature provide an answer to ensure no tooth cavities can be found in children? Is there sugar that will help prevent obesity in many of our youth today?

The answer to all of these questions is “yes”. The solution is provided in a product called xylitol. This product is found in many natural foods such as fruits and vegetables and is even made by our own bodies. Although it was commercially packaged in Finland during world war two, it was originally discovered in the late 19th century by Emil Fischer in Germany and M.G. Bertrand in France.

Xylitol was officially approved in 1963 by the United States Food and Drug administration for special dietary purposes. In 1970 its dental benefits were discovered. In today’s modern world it is used in a variety of products. It’s classified as “nutraceutical food” which means a food substance with medical benefits:

Xylitol is 100% natural

This product is birthed by mother nature herself through various edible elements such as berries, cauliflower, corn, almonds, plums, pears and mushrooms to name a few. Our bodies also create the same substance.

Xylitol has 40% less calories than sugar

Due to its genetic composition, xylitol is void of any added preservatives or chemicals.  Unlike artificial sweeteners that have chemicals added to it, it does not trick your brain into thinking it is getting an increase of “non-existing” sugar which automatically makes you crave more sugar and carbohydrates. This little deception may seem harmless, but studies have shown that when artificial sweeteners are consumed, the person also consumes three times more calories.

Xylitol Reduces and/or reverses tooth decay

Xylitol is absorbed by the body, whereas sugar is broken down for absorption first. This breaking down process creates an acid area or environment around the teeth. Since xylitol is absorbed and not broken down it is described as “starving” the bacteria and plaque that causes cavities and tooth decay.

The best cure for tooth decay is prevention. Through various scientific trials it has been discovered that mothers who use xylitol products from early on in their infant’s life up to the age of 2 years have reduced bacteria that causes cavities up to 6 years of the child’s age.

Xylitol has other medical properties and benefits

Xylitol has been approved by the World Health Organization for use in various pharmaceutical products in more than 35 countries globally. In various medical studies, xylitol has been found successful in clearing, combating and curing many nasal, sinus and middle ear infections especially in children.

In addition, its medicinal benefits do not end there; due to its glycemic index of 7 it is a great alternative to sugar for diabetic patients. It also outperforms artificial sweeteners for diabetic sufferers as it does not give the patient that fast spike in blood sugar or insulin response because it is slowly absorbed by the body.

Therefore if you are interested in sweetening your life, the healthiest, natural method to do this is to use xylitol. It’s a product that showcases Mother Nature at her best.